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Welcome Back Dirksen Dolphins!

Posted Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 by Mrs. Villanova

It was wonderful seeing so many families join us  for the Welcome Back to School night.  I hope you had a chance to touch base with some families, meet your child’s teacher, and learn a bit about what we will be focusing on this year.  On behalf of the entire Dirksen staff, we wish everyone a safe and fun first day back to school!

School Begins
The first day of school for grades 1-6 is Monday, August 24th.  The first day of school for Kindergarten will be Monday, August 31st.  School begins at 8:40 and ends at 3:00 (Wednesdays 8:40-2:30). If you plan to drop off your child/ren, please be mindful of parking restrictions and safety, as there will be quite a bit of traffic.

Student Drop Off/Pick Up
The following are procedures which have been established because student safety is our primary concern.  Students should arrive at school between 8:25 – 8:35 AM.  Adult supervision will begin outside at 8:25.  Students should be in their seats ready to begin the day at 8:40.  Students arriving at school will line up by their respective doors (1st/2nd and 5th/6th – Door # 2;  Kindergarten, 3rd/4th grade – Door # 1).  During the first week of school for the kindergarteners, they will line up on the blacktop near the tennis courts.  Extra staff members and patrols will be outside to help direct students to their line-up spots.

Arrival Options:

  • Parking lot: If you would like to park your car in the parking lot.  Please arrive before 8:20/2:50 as the parking lot is closed to all moving traffic except buses from 8:20-8:45 and 2:50–3:10.  The parking area near the tennis courts is for handicapped parking only.  All other cars should be parked in the main parking lot.  Please do not park your car in the bus lane because this is a fire lane.
  • Drop-off zone:  Please use the area to the right of the parking lot exit on Beech Drive as a drop off area only. Please pull your car into the drop off zone and stay in your car.  Children should exit the car on the passenger’s side.  Be sure to pay close attention to the no parking sign located where the drop off zone ends.  We appreciate your help in dropping your child off in a quick and safe manner to keep the flow of traffic moving.
  • Street Parking: You may park on Hickory, Sumac, or Beech street to the east of the parking lot entrance.

Important Reminders:

  • Please cross students at the crosswalk with the crossing guard.
  • Please be courteous of the neighbors who live next to Dirksen.  Do not block their driveways or use their driveways to drop off students or to turn your car around.

Student safety is our top concern.  By following all posted signs and driving regulations we can keep our children safe and help you avoid unnecessary tickets.  The police do patrol our area and they do issue tickets.  The entire Dirksen staff appreciates your patience and cooperation as we strive to provide a safe learning environment.

I look forward to seeing many smiling faces tomorrow!
Ms. Kort