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Drop-off Zone Reminders

Thank you to all of the families who are using our drop off zone.  We wanted to share a few reminders to make sure the process flows smoothly and that all of our students arrive safely to school.

  • Please make sure your children are ready to hop out of the car quickly.  This will help to keep the line moving.
  • If you are dropping students off on the south side of Beech Drive please make sure they cross with the crossing guard.  With the heavy flow of traffic at drop off time we want to make sure the students are crossed safely.
  • Please do not park on Beech Drive to the right of the parking lot exit.  There are signs posted that say no stopping or parking in between the two signs. The police will ticket cars who are parked there.
  • Please refrain from turning around in neighbors driveways.  When cars are backing out into the line of traffic, it is also causing disruption to the traffic flow.