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Goals Help Us to Shine Bright

Dirksen students have been working on goal-setting in their classrooms. We created classroom goals to go along with our classroom’s progress on MAP. Your child also worked on writing individual goals focusing on what they want to work on in class and at home to help them SHINE BRIGHT this year. We tied this lesson into our key of the month which is Failure Leads to Success. During our lesson we discussed how it is important for us to learn from our mistakes, and explained that learning from those mistakes helps us achieve our goals.

Family Activity: To start off the New Year we are asking that families also work on setting goals at home as our home/school connection to SHINE. In January and February our focus of SHINE is to Never Give Up. We want our students to understand that we should never give up when we are trying to reach our goals, even if we face challenges. Please click on the Goal Setting link below for a handout on which you can write down a goal that your family wants to work towards. Include a plan (action steps) so you know what you need to work on to reach your goal. It is great to have this posted somewhere in your house so it can be referenced on a daily basis. We can’t wait to see how you will SHINE!

Goal Setting- Dirksen Families.docx