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SEL This Month – Feelings of Others

As part of District 54’s Promise, our staff has the goal of working to ensure that the whole-child has success in their learning.  Teachers will be working through a Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum.  The staff at Dirksen has always looked to build that strong class culture and community, looking through topics that our students are facing during the year and addressing the needs of our learners.  We are excited that the district has created the goal of the whole-child success and are incorporating a curriculum to address the social and emotional needs of children.

This month’s theme is “Feelings of Others.” At school, we have been talking about Feelings of Others and would like to share ways you can continue the learning at home. The following questions/scenarios can be completed anytime. Talking with your children will reinforce the social-emotional life skills needed. We hope you enjoy the valuable discussions with your children!

Early Elementary (K-2)

  • How can you show you care about others?
  • While reading a book or watching TV, have a
    discussion about how the characters are
    feeling and how you know. Ask your child –
    Have you ever felt that way?
  • Play a family game of Feelings Charades. One
    of you makes a face, the other guesses the

Late Elementary (3-6)

  • What does it look like and/or sound like
    when someone is feeling_____ (angry, sad,
    frustrated, happy, nervous, etc)?
  • Why is it important to understand people’s
  • Hold a family meeting to discuss different
    ways to deal with feelings and how you can
    support each other when feeling that way.
    (“I” statements: I feel…. when you…)

Printable Copy of Home-School Connection Flyer – English