Spinner Fidgets

Many of our students have been bringing spinner fidgets to school.  Children are welcome to play with these at recess, but are being asked to keep them in their backpacks during their instructional time to avoid the distraction.  If a student is playing in class with a fidget the teacher will hold on to it and return it at the end of the day.  There are some students with a documented accommodation which allows them to have a fidget.  Thank you for your support!

Morning Drop-off

Please remember that our new parking lot drop-off procedures have begun. As outlined by Ms. Kort in her email, parents may pull into the parking lot to drop off their children before school from 8:20-8:45 with the following procedures:

  • Parents may pull into the parking lot entrance and will make an immediate left hand turn just past the first row of parked cars closest to the street.
  • The barricades at the parking lot entrance will be moved up to where the left hand turn will be made.  Cars may not enter the bus lane during this time.  A staff member will move the barricades to allow buses and day care vans into the bus lane.
  • Once parents have made their left hand turn, they should pull all the way down to the end of that lane and drop their child off at the end of the row of parked cars.   A staff member will be posted at the drop off point (star on map).  Please do not drop your child off before the drop off point where the staff member will be.  We want to keep our students safe as there will be moving cars in that lane.
  • Parents should stay in the car and let the child exit through the passenger side of the car with all of their belongings.  Please note, in order to successfully keep the line moving, students should be ready to quickly hop out once the car reaches the end of the drop off lane.
  • The staff member at the drop off site will help students safely walk across to the west sidewalk which will lead them into the school.  Under no circumstance should students cross to the sidewalk without teacher supervision.
  • After the child has been dropped off the parents can turn left and make their way to the parking lot exit.  The staff member will stop cars from turning when the buses are exiting the bus lane.  The buses have other routes to attend to and need to exit the parking lot once they have dropped the students off.
  • We strongly encourage parents who are using the drop and go lane to make a right hand turn out of the parking lot as making a left hand turn during traffic congestion is very difficult.
  • The cars traveling in the drop off lane need to be in single file, and as parents turn left to reach the parking lot exit this will also be done in a single file.  Cars should not attempt to go around any of the stopped cars.
  • The procedures for dismissal have not changed.  The parking lot will be closed from 2:50-3:10 each day.We are hoping this option will ease some of our congestion out front in the morning and will provide a safe way for our dolphins to be dropped off closer to school!