Dirksen Updates

Posted April 17th, 2014 by Mrs. Villanova

Good afternoon Dirksen families,

Summer Tech Camp: Information is attached regarding our District 54 Tech Camp. The camps take place in June and are a fabulous opportunity for students. Please take a look to see if this might be something for your child!

Spring Scholastic Book Fair: Our Spring Book Fair is coming soon! It will be Thursday, May 7 and Friday, May 8 from 8:45-2:30 p.m. in the Dirksen gym. On Thursday, all Dirksen students will be given a chance to choose their free book** from PTA and preview the sale during the school day. The students will bring home their wish list for parents’ approval. On Friday, the students will return to school with their wish list and the money to purchase their books for buy one, get one free. (Don’t forget tax! 9% in Schaumburg.)

**For the FREE books donated by the Dirksen PTA: K – 2nd may pick a book $4.99 or less; 3rd – 4th may pick a book $5.99 or less; 5th – 6th may pick a book $6.99 or less.

Superintendent’s Article: Superintendent DuRoss’ most recent article written for the Daily Herald was published in print today. The article is accessible on the District 54 website. Mr. DuRoss also appears in a video related to the article content. The link to the video, which is cited in the article, can be found here.

Boomers Game: We have had a few questions about the Boomer’s game.

· The $5 game ticket includes a hot dog lunch. Students who prefer not to eat hotdogs may bring their own lunch to the game. If students bring their own lunch they will still need to pay $5 for admission.
· Students may not buy snacks or souvenirs at the ballpark.
· Dress code: We are asking that students wear Dirksen sprit wear if they have it. If not, the dress code guidelines for school would apply for the game.
· Electronic devices: We will follow the same guidelines that we use in school with regards to electronic devices. If a student has a cellphone in their possession we will ask that they are kept in the student’s backpack at school.

MAP Testing: Please check the post below for the Spring MAP schedule. Your children are prepared and ready for these tests!

As a reminder, there is no school on Friday, April 18. The Dirken staff  hopes you all enjoy a wonderful, extended weekend with your families!

Spring MAP Schedule

Posted April 15th, 2014 by Mrs. Villanova


  • April 22: Niemann, Hall, Rodda (1st and 2nd graders), Johnson (1st and 2nd graders), Villanova (Part 1)
  • April 23: Schmidt, Evitts, Rodda (1st grade, Part 2), Johnson (1st grade, Part 2), Villanova (Part 2)
  • April 24: Cantrell, Glenn, Wilkens, Fogarty (1st and 2nd graders), Cain (1st and 2nd graders), Elsner (1st and 2nd graders)
  • April 25: Rothblum, Blasi, Camacho, Fogarty (1st grade, Part 2), Cain (1st grade, Part 2), Elsner (1st grade, Part 2)


  • April 29: Niemann, Hall, Stegner, Rodda (1st and 2nd graders), Johnson (1st and 2nd graders), Villanova (Part 1)
  • April 30: Schmidt, Evitts, Ortloff, Villanova (Part 2)
  • May 1: Cantrell, Glenn, Wilkens, Fogarty (1st graders, Part 1), Cain (1st graders, Part 1), Elsner (1st graders, Part 1), Rodda (1st grade, Part 2), Johnson (1st grade, Part 2)
  • May 2: Rothblum, Blasi, Camacho, Fogarty (1st grade, Part 2 and 2nd graders), Cain (1st grade, Part 2 and 2nd graders), Elsner (1st grade, Part 2 and 2nd graders)


From the Desk of Ms. Kort & Mrs. Rodriguez

Posted April 11th, 2014 by Mrs. Villanova

Good Afternoon Dirksen Dolphins-

It was certainly an exciting week at Dirksen between the 3/4 Recorder Concert on Tuesday evening and our 2nd Annual Math Night on Wednesday. We look forward to wrapping up the week at the PTA Sponsored Fun Fair this evening. We enjoy seeing the building abuzz with energy and enthusiasm from both students and families!

Arrival and Dismissal Safety: With the return of warmer weather, we’d like to remind everyone that more children are walking on the sidewalks and crossing the street. Dirksen Elementary School, along with the Village of Schaumburg and the Schaumburg Police Department, would like to remind you of these few traffic safety tips to keep our children safe:

  • The Dirksen parking lot is CLOSED for drop off: 8:15-8:45 a.m. and for pick up 2:50-3:10 p.m. If you are in the Dirksen parking lot prior to the closure times (before 8:20 or 2:50) you must be parked in a parking space and you may not move your car until all the school buses have left the premises and the lot reopens. In the afternoon this time would be approximately 3:10 p.m.
  • Avoid 3-point turns on the street and turning around in driveways.
  • Remember the school zone speed limit is 20 mph.
  • Completely stop at stop signs.
  • No parking 30 feet from a stop sign or 20 feet from a crosswalk (where sidewalk meets the curb).
  • Look for posted parking restrictions.
  • Be courteous to residents.
  • No cell phone use, even if you’re using hands-free.
  • Do not block driveways.
  • All students should exit cars from the passenger side of the car only.
  •  Students and parents crossing Beech Dr. should cross at the crosswalk with the crossing guard in front of school.
  • Please do not have your child cross in the middle of the block.

MAP Testing: Our spring MAP testing will begin April 22nd. As always, please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before testing. It is also very important that they have a healthy breakfast the morning of the test. You might consider adding some protein to the morning meal. Your children are prepared and ready for these tests!

All School Celebration: For the past month our students have been working together as classrooms to earn Golden tickets for showing respectful, responsible and safe classroom behavior. Each classroom who achieves their goal will be able to participate in an all school celebration. We are happy to say that almost all classrooms have achieved their goal, and as a result there will be an important invitation coming home with each student today. Please check your child’s backpack for this important invitation!

Student Dress Guidelines: As we begin to enjoy warmer weather, we wanted to take the opportunity to remind you of our student dress guidelines. We believe that students at Dirksen School should take pride in their appearance and dress in such a way that they are positive representa­tives of our school. Appropriate clothing should be conducive to learn­ing and compatible with a productive educa­tional environment. Based on these beliefs, the following are an example of clothing that would be inappropriate during school hours at an elementary school:

  • Revealing clothing such as bare midriffs, bare backs, spaghetti straps
  • See-through fabrics, low-cut tops, low-riding pants, short shorts, short skirts or skin tight clothing.

In summary, students should come dressed for school in cloth­ing that is modest, suitable for school activities, and reason­able for the purposes of maintaining health, reducing distractibility, and increas­ing safety in the school. Suitable clothing for school is subject to the judgment and discretion of school staff members. Thank you for your support in helping our children develop a sense of responsibility for dressing appropriately!

Have a great weekend. We hope you will be able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!
Joann Kort and Becky Rodriguez
Principal & Assistant Principal

Notable Notes…

Posted April 11th, 2014 by Mrs. Villanova

Congratulations to our 3rd and 4th graders for their excellent performance at the recorder concert this week. A big thank you to Mr. Hulina for giving our students a taste of so many different kinds of music, and for creating the spark of musical interest so that our students may go on to use their talents in the band or orchestra!

Please be sure to check out the latest issue of The Dirksen Digest for important information about the need for PTA officers for next year. Our students and staff benefit tremendously each year from the work that our PTA does. In order for that to continue, we are in need of parents to fill the vacancies for the officer positions. Thank you in advance for your consideration!!

We hope to see our Dirksen families at the Fun Fair tonight!

Dirksen Digest–April

Posted April 11th, 2014 by Mrs. Villanova

Please click to read the latest edition of our PTA’s publication, The Dirksen Digest.

PTA Updates

Posted April 7th, 2014 by Mrs. Villanova

Dear Dirksen families,

Please see the attached flyer for important updates regarding a Smencil sale and our upcoming Fun Fair on Friday, April 11.

A couple of additional things to note:

All students must have a wristband to enter the Fun Fair.

Wristbands are for unlimited game play. We will have concession available (cash only)

All students must be accompanied by an adult during the event.

We also need additional volunteers from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Please email Linda Rose if you are able to help. 

Thank you!
Dirksen PTA

From the Desk of Ms. Kort & Mrs. Rodriguez

Posted April 4th, 2014 by Mrs. Villanova

Good afternoon families of Dirksen,

Our students have done a great job getting back into the routine of school after their spring break! It has been nice to get back outside for our lunch recess. Hopefully the weather will continue to warm up and allow us to enjoy the outdoors.

Dirksen’s 2nd Annual Family Math Night: Family Math Night is open to all grade levels and will take place on Wednesday, April 9th from 6:30-7:30pm. The night will include the opportunity to attend two math stations and the chance to win some fabulous prizes in our raffle. If you are interested in attending, please contact Miss Hall via email or (847) 357-5610.

Fun Fair: The Fun Fair is coming to Dirksen school on Friday April 11! We are still in need of volunteers for the 5:30-8:30 shift, or the 8:30-10:00 clean up shift. If you are able to help out please contact Linda Rose .

Last Day of School: Since the last day of school will be a full day this year (8:40-3:00 PM), all kindergarten students will attend their regularly scheduled sessions as well. The School Board approved the amended calendar last night so June 5th will be the last day of school this year.

Spring MAP Testing: The window for spring MAP testing will be April 21st – May 9th. Once we have finalized our MAP testing schedule, we will send it out so you are aware of specific days your student(s) will be testing.

5Essentials Parent Survey: As a reminder, parents can log on here and can take a survey for each school where you have a child (early childhood through high school). However, the state does ask that only one parent per household take the survey. When searching for your school, remember to look up the full name (for example, look under E for Everett Dirksen Elementary). We would like as many of our parents to take this survey as possible. If we can assist you in any way, please let us know. Computers will be made available if you would like to take the survey at school. Parents can take the survey anytime from now until April 25, 2014. We thank you in advance for your feedback.

Multicultural Event: The District 54 Bilingual Parent Advisory Council, the Department of Language and Culture and the Schaumburg Park District will once again host A Garden of Diversity: A Multicultural Event for District 54 families and community members. This event will be held at the Schaumburg Community Recreation Center on Saturday, April 5th, from 11:30 until 2:30 PM.

Have a great weekend!
Joann Kort & Becky Rodriguez
Principal & Assistant Principal

5Essentials Survey

Posted March 17th, 2014 by Mrs. Villanova

Dear Dirksen Community,

Please read the attached letter regarding the 5Essentials Survey. Parents can begin taking the survey today. You can take a survey for each school where you have a child (early childhood through high school). However, the state does ask that only one parent per household take the survey. We are encouraging parents to complete this survey because we won’t receive results unless at least 30 percent of our parents take the survey. We will make computers available if you would like to take the survey at school.

We thank you in advance for your feedback!

Important Documents

Posted October 16th, 2013 by Mrs. Villanova

Ms. Kort & Mrs. Rodriguez would like to share two important documents with our Dirksen families. You can find a letter regarding school closings here and a letter regarding crisis plan relocation here. Should you have any questions regarding these letters, please contact the main office.

This Year’s Supply Lists

Posted May 7th, 2013 by Mrs. Villanova

If you are looking for the updated supply lists for the 2013-2014 school year, you will find them under the Family Resources tab. Kindergarten has one supply list and the remaining grade levels have a separate document.