Mission & Goals

Our Mission

The mission of the Dirksen School community is to educate children academically, emotionally and socially. We will provide a safe learning environment to help our students reach their highest potential. Our students will learn the skills necessary to be successful, responsible, respectful members of a changing and diverse society.

In addition, the District 54 goals are:

  • Students who have attended District 54 schools for at least one year will be at grade level in reading and math upon entering third grade as measured by Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).
  • Each school will close the achievement gap for all students in reading and math as measured by both district and state assessments.
  • Each school will perform at or above the 90th percentile (top 10% nationally) in meeting individual student growth targets in reading and math as measured by Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).

Strategic Plan for Ensuring Whole Child Student Success

The 54 Promise is a multi-year strategic plan to guide District 54’s core work of ensuring whole-child student success. This document was the result of the collaborative efforts of the District 54 Strategic Planning Committee which consisted of 72 participants representing teachers, support staff, administrators, parents and community members from across our system. The Strategic Planning Committee arrived at consensus around the 54 Promise through a series of informative meeting sessions where input from all stakeholders was solicited. The 54 Promise provides the entire District 54 community clarity around the key district goals and operating priorities that will drive our system ahead in the years to come.

Our four Strategic Focus Areas are:

  • Supporting Whole Child Academic and Social-Emotional Success
  • Cultivating Innovation in Learning Space and Instructional Design
  • Recruitment, Development and Engagement of Exceptional Personnel
  • Facilities and Fiscal Responsibility