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Dirksen’s Happiness Video

We hope you enjoy this short video showing some of the many ways our Dirksen students and staff are shining this year!


5Essentials Parent Survey

There are only a few weeks left for parents to complete the 5Essentials Survey. All District 54 parents are encouraged to take the Illinois State Board of Education’s 5Essentials Survey by January 31 at The parent survey is only 26 questions and will allow parents to share their thoughts on the important elements of school effectiveness and help us guide school improvement.  Currently 15% of our parents have taken the survey.  Our goal is 20% participation, so we are almost there!

A Note from the Nurse

A common dilemma that parents face is “when should I keep my child home from school?”  It’s not easy as parents today are juggling the responsibilities of family and work.   Here are some guidelines to follow.

Know the difference between a cold and the flu:

  • Flu is a serious illness and symptoms include fever, chills, cough, sore throat, headache, or muscle aches.  With the flu, symptoms come on very quickly. It is advised to contact the doctor if these symptoms are present.
  • Symptoms of a common cold include stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, and hacking cough.  Often, cold symptoms come on gradually.,  Although the common cold is usually not serious, if symptoms are severe, it is a good idea to keep your child home to rest, rather than spread the cold to other children at school.

Keep your child home from school if:

  • He/she has a fever. This means a temperature 100 degrees or higher.
  • He/she has vomited.   Keep your child home until they are symptom free for 24 hours and able to tolerate solid foods.
  • He/she has diarrhea.  Encourage good hand-washing to prevent the spread to other family members. Keep your child home until they are symptom free for 24 hours and able to tolerate solid foods.
  • He/she is coughing frequently or having any sort of breathing trouble.
  • He/she has a rash that is spreading.  Check with your child’s doctor to see if it is contagious before sending your child back to school.

In order to help prevent the spread of illness in school, students with a fever 100 degrees or more may not return to school until they are fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Your child’s School Nurse is available every day and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  They are committed to working in partnership with parents to promote student health.

Schaumburg Parent University: January Class

Schaumburg Parent University (SPU) is designed to involve more parents in the life of the school, to strengthen family relationships, and to improve parenting skills that will ultimately result in improved student success academically, socially and emotionally. There is one remaining evening program scheduled for January.

  • Making an Herb Garden. This event is for parents and students. Each attendee will be able to choose from seeds such as parsley, cilantro, basil and dill and plant their own garden. All supplies will be provided. The cost is $5 and there is a limit of 30 spaces. This hands-on activity will be held from 6 to 8PM January 30 at Lakeview School, 615 Lakeview Lane, Hoffman Estates.

If you are interested in attending these free events, please click on the links. Free childcare is available. For more information about Schaumburg Parent University and to register, visit our website at or email

Winter Recess Reminders

Please send your child to school each day with warm winter gear, including a winter jacket, hat, and gloves.  When there is snow on the ground, only students with snow pants and boots are permitted to play in the snow.  Students continue to go outside for recess during the winter season. Recess will be indoors only if the weather is zero or below with the wind chill. Thank you!

Goals Help Us to Shine Bright

Dirksen students have been working on goal-setting in their classrooms. We created classroom goals to go along with our classroom’s progress on MAP. Your child also worked on writing individual goals focusing on what they want to work on in class and at home to help them SHINE BRIGHT this year. We tied this lesson into our key of the month which is Failure Leads to Success. During our lesson we discussed how it is important for us to learn from our mistakes, and explained that learning from those mistakes helps us achieve our goals.

Family Activity: To start off the New Year we are asking that families also work on setting goals at home as our home/school connection to SHINE. In January and February our focus of SHINE is to Never Give Up. We want our students to understand that we should never give up when we are trying to reach our goals, even if we face challenges. Please click on the Goal Setting link below for a handout on which you can write down a goal that your family wants to work towards. Include a plan (action steps) so you know what you need to work on to reach your goal. It is great to have this posted somewhere in your house so it can be referenced on a daily basis. We can’t wait to see how you will SHINE!

Goal Setting- Dirksen Families.docx

Students of the Month

Our final students of the month for 2017 were recognized for their demonstration of the key of Commitment. These students make the most of every moment!

3 Kinder Students with Certificates
Kindergarten: Hannah K., Nastia S., Faiz H.

First and second grade students holidng certificates
First/Second Grade: Mario R., Joslin J., Arjun K., Iga G., Maddie K., Vicky F.

Third and fourth grade students holding certificates
Third/Fourth Grade: Adam W., Ria V., Victoria M., Mikahla R., Jayden Q., Aidan V.

Fifth and sixth grade students holding certificates
Fifth/Sixth Grade: Mannan A., Violet W., Sripaad G., Ailyn L., Cassie D., Marek J.

Please Take the 5Essentials Survey

District 54 has chosen to provide the optional 5Essentials parent survey. All District 54 parents are encouraged to take this survey. The parent survey is only 26 questions and the state estimates you can complete it in 10 minutes. The survey is available in English and Spanish.

If parents have more than one child at a school, they should complete only one survey for that school. In addition, only one parent or guardian per household may participate in the survey. Parents with children enrolled in multiple schools may take the survey for each school. Schools are listed alphabetically by their full names (for example Everett Dirksen would be listed under E, not D for Dirksen).

The state is not providing hard copies of this survey. If you do not have access to a computer, you can use one at one of our local libraries. We will also make computers available to parents at our schools. Call the main office if you are interested in taking the survey at Dirksen.

If at least 20 percent of our parents complete this survey, a parent supplement will be generated. The parent data will not be reported on the State Report Card. We are hoping to meet the target this year in our schools.

To take the parent survey, please visit between now and January 18, 2018. We appreciate your support!

District 54 Cold Weather Response Plan

In order to help parents better prepare for the severe cold weather and snow we often get during winters in our community, I wanted to share with you the District 54 Severe Cold Weather Response Plan. Though District 54 makes every effort to keep our schools open and operational, circumstances beyond our control oftentimes dictate school closings.

Chicago Wolves Tickets

Our physical education program has teamed up with the Chicago Wolves Ice Hockey Team for our floor hockey unit again this year!  Each Dirksen student has received a FREE ticket to attend a game along with an informational letter.  Although our floor hockey unit will end in January, I want to give our families more options for game dates.  Join us for the Dirksen Family Night game on February 3, 2018 in our reserved Dirksen section as the Wolves take on the Rockford Icehogs at 7:00pm.

Tickets for the Dirksen Night Game may be purchase using the order form, over the phone or online using the link below. Tickets for all other games may be purchased through the Chicago Wolves by phone or completing the form on the student certificate.  Go Wolves!