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About Our School

Dirksen Elementary School
116 W. Beech Drive
Schaumburg IL 60193

Principal: Joann Kort
Assistant Principal: Becky Rodriguez

Phone: (847) 357-5600
Attendence: (847) 357-5602
Fax: (847) 357-5601

Dirksen serves about 460 students in kindergarten through sixth grade. First- through sixth-grade students work in multigrade teams, with students from two grade levels in each classroom. Teachers also work in teams to plan and provide instruction.

Dirksen teachers are able to challenge students who are ready to move forward and to provide additional assistance to those who may need more support. Students usually remain with their teacher for two years. This provides for continuity of instruction and helps to build the sense of community that we feel is so important for each student’s success in school.

School officials help students reach their full potential by working closely with the School Leadership Team, composed of teachers, support staff, parents and the principal.

Dirksen School offers a variety of educational opportunities and support programs for students. The core curriculum is provided to all children with emphasis on those skills needed for life-long learning. Our most important job is to provide the best possible education for our students.

  • We offer an integrated classroom curriculum incorporating programs adopted by our School Board that support the Illinois Learning Standards.
  • We offer a balanced literacy program and encourage student growth in the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • We introduce students to a wide range of technology resources that are integrated into their everyday curriculum.
  • Each grade level team at Dirksen School has a structured, 30-minute block set on our schedule referred to as Parallel Block time. Parallel Block time ensures that students receive targeted daily instruction in their area of specific need or are enriched as indicated.
  • Students in first through sixth grade participate in music, physical education and art classes.
  • Our fifth- and sixth-grade students can participate in band or orchestra and receive instrumental music lessons at school.

Childcare is available before and after school at Dirksen through a partnership with the Schaumburg Park District, called the KASPER program.

Dirksen School is named in memory of the U.S. Senator from Illinois, Everett McKinley Dirksen.

Mascot:   Dolphins

Colors:    Blue and Gray