December 8, 2023

Once again, we are pleased to have Smile Illinois-Mobile Dentists return to Dirksen.  The dental team will be coming on 2/2/24, to provide exams, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, and sealants. Only students who register will be seen by the dentist. You can sign up to participate in the dental clinic by clicking on the following link and completing the form:


At the top, next to the phone number, there is a drop-down box for English or Spanish. If you plan to participate, please complete the form as soon as possible.


Parents of Kindergarten, 2nd and 6th grade students: please note that by May 2024 you must show proof that your child has seen the dentist within the past 18 months.  This is a requirement for all children in the State of Illinois. If the Smile Illinois dentist examines your child, you have fulfilled this obligation. If you are taking your student to your family dentist you can access the dental exam form at:  Click here for the form


If you have any questions call the Dirksen Health Office: 847-357-5628